Saturday, November 1, 2008

Editor in hospital after brutal assault

Editor-in-chief of the Reporter newspapers’ Amare Aregawi was brutally assaulted late Friday by individuals whose identity was not determined until the time this paper went to press.

Amare was taken to hospital and is being treated for head injuries.

At about 4:30, he was leaving from his son’s school after attending a parent-teacher meeting, when he was attacked on the back of the head and left lying unconscious and severely bleeding on the ground.

A teacher at the school and the guard, who saw people gathered around Amare, immediately recognized him and took him to a nearby hospital.

The physician on duty at the hospital provided first aid, and had him take CT-Scan to check for signs of internal bleeding.

Doctors were monitoring his condition closely for any signs of “acute or sub-acute hematoma.”

The details as to what actually happened are still sketchy.

But according to individuals who were at the scene when the assault was carried out and spoke with The Reporter, one of the assailants was apprehended along with a taxi driver whose vehicle was intended to be used as a get-away car.

By a Staff Reporter,
The Reporter

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